Restaurant KEKO

Vela Rava, Marinica
23283 Otok Rava

Tel: 00 385 (0)23 372 831
GSM: 00 385 (0)95 9025-733

Restaurant Keko

The main port town, located on the middle of the island, with an inlet Marinica (Marnjica) and the old village, which is placed on the top of the island. The bay is facing the Dugi otok, and is a safe haven for boaters. And the name MARINICA (Marnjica) speaks of its function through the history of the island. In the bay along the coast many piers for boats were built, as well as the main waterfront and big pier for large ships docking. Our RESTAURANT KEKO is situated there, with the buoys free for guests of the restaurant.

Vela Rava is the center and the main town on the island. There is also a school, church, shops, post office and the Center of the World! In the Vela Rava there is a football field, where every year on the day of Rava festivities traditional tournaments are played, with tradition of several decades. Path by the sea with palm trees, pine trees and other plants, and also with many benches and chapel, leads to the next bay Grbaćina, thus forming an ideal place for evening strolls and relaxation. On the waterfront there is a post office and shops, and on the opposite coast restaurant Keko. In the bottom of the bay is the shipyard where the locals have their own boats, and 40 meters away and rural water tank (gusterna) where you can get drinking water. There are two roads leading from Marnjica to the village. The first goes from the shipyard, and the second from the dock.

Otok Rava

VILLAGE is situated on top of the hill above the bay Marinica. It has all the characteristics of Dalmatian villages. Old stone houses organized in small groups carry the names of families which belonged to the house. The village has the only square in Rava - Kolešće Square, where is a Center of the World location, which made Rava widely known. Namely, there is a proper circle in the middle of the square, where once grew mulberry tree. There are several legends and stories about the center of the world. One of them is that old Rava people pour olive oil in this circle to make the World turn better.

When you step in the circle and close your eyes, you really feel like you're at the top of the world! Above Kolešća is TORKUL - antique oil refinery in which Rava’s extra virgin olive oil is produced. At the very top of the village stands the Church of Velika Gospa (Assumption of Mary) with the sole Rava cemetery and school. The school, once full of students, today is just a memory to some islanders .