Restaurant KEKO

Vela Rava, Marinica
23283 Otok Rava

Tel: 00 385 (0)23 372 831
GSM: 00 385 (0)95 9025-733

Restoran Keko

Keko restaurant is located in the main port town-Marinica, in Vela Rava, which is located at the middle of the island Rava. The restaurant is located just opposite the waterfront - which is the ferry and boat dock, and Veli mul. If you are arriving by private boat, in front of restaurant you can find places for your boats free for guests of the restaurant.

Island Rava, with surface 3.63 km², and with 98 inhabitants in 2001. belongs to the group of medium-sized islands of the Zadar archipelago, and also belongs to the municipality of Zadar. Rava is located between the island of Iž and Long island; between Canal of Iž and Canal of Rava. It is 56th island in Croatia by its size and, and 37th by its population.

Otok Rava

Highest peak on the island is Babićovac, at 98 meters height.
The island has many bays and headlands, with 14 bays of beach lenght of 15.9 km: Tanko, Vališina, Ivanašovica, Pavajsko, Pestehovac, Dražice, Golubovac, Martinjica, Grbavač, Grbačina, Marnjica (Marinica), Paladinjica (Paladinica), Ćabok, Lokvina i Za Grbicu.
In the northwestern part of the bay to Grbica, the island has two speleological objects that are still unexplored.

There is very few number of flat arable area used as gardens. On hilly and uneven terrain are mainly olive groves and vineyards. The island is divided horizontally with stone walls called mocire, a vertical ones called trmezali.
Rava has no running water, which is always a big problem of the islanders. Sometimes they were forced to use the water accumulated in natural containers - ponds and mostly dry wells, waters in the cave on the nearby islet Mrtovnjak and, finally, to build rural tanks called gusterna. In recent times, each house has its own gusterna (tank) in which he collects rainwater, and during the dry season it is filled by water transporting boats.

The mild Mediterranean climate is favorable for a number of plants that grow on the island, while the olives and vinegars are the major agricultural interest since past times. There are two villages on the island: Vela Rava, located in the central part of the island (at the middle of the island), and Mala Rava, located in the northwestern part of the island. Villages are connected with 2 km long asphalt road, which is partly built on the old island road.